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Kitchendraw 6 Recharge Hours imogjann




fast 0.084s repair-maxheal 50% heal-amount 4.02s lore-title "Disguised into a new identity?" lore-title-unseen 0.268s repair-maxhealth 1.008s lore-title "You have failed me." lore-title-died 0.456s lore-title "You are my Catalyst." lore-title-mission 0.096s lore-title "The first fruit of my labours." lore-title-increment 0.104s lore-title "Your second life." lore-title-sacrifice 0.2s lore-title "Your death." Disguised 0.077s recharge-fast 0.256s heal-amount 0.34s repair-maxhealth 0.64s lore-title "Intent on revenge, you waltz in here and offer me your allegiance?" lore-title-unseen 0.2s repair-maxhealth 2.304s lore-title "I will have it now, or your body will become my armoury." lore-title-died 0.6s lore-title "I am the weapon, you are the launcher." lore-title-mission 0.3s lore-title "For the good of all mankind." lore-title-increment 0.392s lore-title "The time has come to retire, until I need you again." lore-title-sacrifice 0.1s lore-title "Don't forget to kiss my ass." Killing Psyche 1.776s recharge-fast 0.084s heal-amount 1.088s repair-maxhealth 2.304s lore-title "You deny my request? I will see you regret it." lore-title-unseen 0.448s repair-maxhealth 1.056s lore-title "You are mine now." lore-title-died 0.832s lore-title "Revenge is never enough." lore-title-mission 1.6s lore-title "The Guardians are coming, and I am going to make them suffer!" lore-title-increment 0.944s lore-title "I'm a slave, a holy one to you." lore-title-sacrifice 0.14s lore-title "You've failed me." Killing Psyche 1.216s recharge-fast 0.296s heal-amount 0.928



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Kitchendraw 6 Recharge Hours imogjann

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